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Among Us: 5 Things You Should Do If You're an Impostor (And Things You Should Stop)

The best aspect about this is that if both crewmates are clear, it may develop confidence between them and allow them to cooperate. This can also highlight which players need to be killed off for impostors, since having the more suspicious people around will aid you.


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Vigilance is essential.

To put it another way, it is preferable not to murder anywhere near that region since it may be captured on video. Keep this in mind for crewmates while utilizing cameras so that you can check it regularly. And, of course, try not to appear suspicious when you're in that area.

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(376.png) screenshot

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If Impostors want to make it easier to make kills undetected, they may want to use sabotage. While cutting the lights are a popular choice, given it limits crewmates' vision and can make it easy for the Impostor to avoid suspicion, it is a fairly obvious move and won't necessarily change crewmates' courses or force them into different locations for easy kills. Impostors should not ignore the lights, but they should also consider other sabotages that force crewmates to leave their tasks and go fix the problem. This can give the Impostor access to secluded crewmates while others leave their posts and can make it easier to avoid detection.


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Crewmates should be sure to pay attention to what other players say about where they were and what they were doing. Here, Occam's Razor will often apply, and the most simplistic and plausible answer will be the correct one. For example, if the pathing a player describes taking seems off or counter-intuitive, then it probably is, and that player is a strong candidate for Impostor.

5th trick: Crowd annihilation

Among Us is a multiplayer game for parties of four to ten individuals. The majority of the players are Crewmates, while 1 to 3 are Imposters (depending on the game parameters and player count). The Crewmates must identify the Imposters and vote them out, while the Imposters attempt to sabotage and murder as many Crewmates as possible - until the numbers are so low that the Imposters cannot be voted out.

In Among Us, a player is chosen as the Imposter.


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Airship Map Hints & Tips

It is critical to eliminate immune players as soon as possible. Don't waste time killing other Crewmates first; doing so will simply raise your chances of being the lead suspect. But don't be too daring: if you're up against experienced Crewmates, they may be watching the immune player to see whether the Impostor appears. To isolate the immune player, use sabotage.

Vents, according to Border Polar, are one of the most beneficial aspects in the Among Us game. Every player should understand how to use them effectively. After a quick slaughter, an impostor can easily flee by using vents. However, they must ensure that no other player recognizes them while venting.

If you want to win the game, you can't only trust your crewmates because you see them do their jobs. The taskbar will fill up if they are actively performing a task. These tasks take time to accomplish. They just cannot perform a task in a split second. For example, if you witness someone starting the reactor in less than a second, wake up! It's a forgery.

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Tips for Winning as an Impostor

Instead, kill in Dropship.

Inability to define properly what tasks they were working on throughout a round

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Crewmates are frequently unaware of this. If they are more experienced, they will strive to organize an emergency meeting as quickly as possible to prevent the Impostor from carrying out their ultimate murder. The easiest method to solve this situation is to start sabotaging right away. Crewmates are unable to call an emergency meeting during a sabotage and are obliged to head over to a certain location. All you have to do is sit back and wait for them to meet their end.

Make a strategy and organize a crowd kill because it might be difficult to separate a crewmate for killing. When the crewmates are gathered in an area and completing their chores in the dark, you may pretend to be adjusting the lights and easily stab them with a knife, and the death will be recorded instantaneously. Due to the large number of crew members present, no one will be able to determine who was the impostor. Don't misuse this method to avoid suspicion.

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Trick 3: Take use of the vents.

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Common chores may be quite beneficial in determining the impostor because no one else has a common task if you don't. If you observe someone executing a frequent duty that you don't have, it's a dead giveaway that the crewmate is an impostor.

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MedBay Is A Crucial Task To Have

When accomplishing work, there is no conversation. The only times you're permitted to chat (typically via Discord) are before the match starts and during meetings. You are also not permitted to talk after being slain. Crewmates can still float about the map as ghosts fulfilling duties, but you can't talk during meetings.

As if you were a Crewmate, you may talk, vote, and accuse. Be as truthful as possible about your personal location, and avoid becoming overly confrontational. If you start shouting "it's blue! it's blue!" "If you don't have a strong cause, others will look at you suspiciously." Even if your early game aggression results in the eviction of another player, you will have attracted attention to yourself and will most likely be the next to go.

Being caught by a crewmate after a kill is the quickest way to seem suspicious. They will most likely report the corpse, convene a meeting of all crew members, and accuse the Impostor of being an Impostor. The most likely reaction that player will have is to blame their accuser in order to put doubt on their tale. This may appear to work, and it may even get the accuser kicked out of the airlock. It will, however, paint a clear bullseye on the Impostor's back, since it will be obvious to all other crewmates that one person lied. Even with Confirm Ejects off, the crewmates will most likely expel both accusers just to be safe.

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So, how do you gather a large number of gamers in one location? As the population declines, it will become increasingly difficult to locate such a densely populated location. However, in the early game, you may sabotage the reactor, for example. With luck, a large number of gamers will congregate in the same location to repair it. Pretend to be jogging alongside them to fix the reactor, then strike after a few seconds of everyone getting started. Remember to appear astonished!

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To win the game as a detective crew member, follow these tips:

When Given The Option, Close Doors

Polus is Among Us, according to MedBay.

We've also got you covered if you want to know the fundamentals of how to play Among Us, as well as the optimum settings for Among Us.

Crewmembers tend to forget all too frequently that Imposters may use vents. Be wary of words such as "Blue didn't do it since I saw him in that room." If you're serious about winning the game, you need figure out how the vents are linked. You will get the ability to demolish countless alibis.

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8. Take note of the cameras.

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You can't control your teammates, but you may choose not to participate. If you feel crowded out, try to interrupt the loop by presenting some important remarks.

You obviously want the crew members to remove as many of their own as possible. However, in the early game, your objective should be to establish your own credibility. Covering for another player may thus be a good decision. A sentence like "I believe I observed pink finish a task, he is clear" can make you appear credible. Hopefully, the person you covered for will remember this and be less likely to vote you out later in the game.

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