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If a team isn't leveled/geared enough to complete their half, the player can't ascend any higher. So while you're drowning in Mora and Experience items in the early game, keep this in mind, and slowly build up eight characters instead of four so that you can get all the amazing rewards the Spiral Abyss offers.

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Genshin Impact is a pretty huge game and it definitely takes time to explore every inch of its expansive world. When you are out exploring, you get to fight against various types of beasts, open treasure chests, and unravel secrets. Make sure you pick up everything that comes your way- flowers, food, ores, chests, etc. There are certain flowers that require you to use elemental magic on them to be able to pick them up. Make sure you grab those as they will be important for future quests. If you see a chest or any collectible, it’s usually a good idea to get it before you move ahead.

Genshin Impact is a Gacha game no doubt, with the most obvious tell being the Wish system where players roll the odds to see if they'll unlock a 5-star character/weapon. Of course, people can throw money at this game and roll as many times as they want, but there is a pretty well-developed in-game loop for getting Primogems (the currency for wishing) without spending a dime.

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Artifacts are the "equips" of Genshin Impact, and can massively improve the performance of a certain character based on their effects. The categories are a tad odd, it isn't like the head, chest, arms, waist, and legs system most games use. Instead, it's broken down into Flower of Life, Plume of Death, Sands of Eon, Goblet of Eonothem, and Circlet of Logos. If that sounds overly complex it is, but put simply it's a flower, a feather, a clock/hourglass, a cup, and a headpiece. And, each of them can have a variety of different states, one main one, and up to four sub-stats depending on the item level.

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Buy the “Blessings of the Welkin Moon” pass: For $5, you’ll be receiving a daily allotment of currency you can spend on a “wish,” the game’s jargon for gambling and rolling for a new character or five-star weapon. It’s not much, but it’ll add up by the end of the month. It’s the only way to spend money in the game that isn’t meant to completely screw you over for literally 99 percent of the time. And that said ...

At Adventure Rank 12, Daily Commissions unlock at the Adventure's Guild. These are your dailies, the quests players only need to do once per 24 hours, and the incentive to at least log on for 20 minutes every single day. And, it works, because the Daily Commissions are honestly very worth the time investment.

You can earn artifacts by doing just about anything in the game like opening chests, finishing quests, earning special experiences in your Adventurer’s Handbook, winning battles, and so on. These are special accessories or items that you can attach to your characters to provide special healing bonuses, damage output, HP, and critical hits. Each character can equip up to five artifacts. Once you place a particular artifact in an empty character slot, you can see the changes in 2-piece and 4-piece set stat bonuses on the right. Ideally, you should try and make sure the artifacts that you equip each character with activates these additional stat benefits (though some late-game artifacts do better as 2-piece and 1-piece set combinations). Do note that artifacts can be enhanced, which means you can break down weaker artifacts to gain enhancing materials or just use the same weaker artifacts as enhancement materials. When you get even better artifacts in the game, later on, you can break down your upgraded artifacts too to get a good portion of your investment back again. There are different upper limits to how far different levels of artifacts can be upgraded. But for the early game, you don’t need to bother too much about maxing any artifact out.

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In moments like these, tapping the sprint button can make to be a lot faster than holding the button down; this process allows stamina to reaccumulate as the player is running. Additionally, sometimes it's better to just forgo sprinting entirely if gliding is possible, with many characters offering passives that boost gliding. Players should also keep in mind that some characters don't apply to the sprint rule: both Mona and Ayaka benefit from holding down the sprint button.

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Regular leveling costs some Mora (one of the most common currencies in the game), and a few other common resources. Ascension costs a handful of rarer resources, which differ from character to character. Through regular play, you'll pick them up fairly quickly; when we reached Adventurer Level 15, we had the resources to Ascend Lisa, Xiangling, and the Twin without looking for them. It's perfectly possible for you to get 4 characters to Level 40 (the current max) through general progression with no money spent.

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I know I praised the game last week and also called the drop rates for the gambling portion of the game “egregious.” But I also want to stress this point: This game is straight up gambling, with no monetary reward at the end of each roll. If you have a history of gambling or spending addiction, I advise that you steer away from this title, even if it’s free. The success rates for a good five-star character or weapon are abysmally low (less than 1 percent), and it’s designed to be unlucky and very expensive. And even if you have a good pull, it’ll either not be the thing you want, or a duplicate of something you already have, which has its worth, but for cold hard cash.

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Switching between characters during a battle can help you master your attacks and elemental combinations better. Combining different elemental characters yields various reactions, which can often turn an unwinnable battle back in your favor. For instance, combining wind with fire, water, frost or lightning increases the spread of the attack and damage dealt with that element, making it excellent for crowd control. Having similar-element characters can also yield some advantages. For example, two wind characters boost stamina, while two fire elemental characters boost attack damage by 25%. So your exploring party can have two wind characters, even if they both remain largely unused, just to make it easier to explore around.

AR 45: Mystic Offering. Lets you combine five-star artifacts at an alchemy bench to create a strongbox containing a five-star artifact of a specific type.

Your main character can either have wind (Anemo) or earth (Geo) powers, depending on which one you choose (and you can swap between the two once you have access to Liyue region). As you progress into the game, you come across characters that have various elemental powers. Amber has the power of fire (Pyro), Kaeya has the power of frost (Cryo) and Lisa can summon lightning (Electro). There are many more characters that come your way and it seems like a sound option to have different characters with different elemental powers on your roster. By doing so you can understand each character better along with their attacks by switching between them.

Make sure you’re checking what bonuses you’re getting for your team makeups in the character menu.

Essentially, you can chart which of the two promotional weapons you want to pull. You're guaranteed a five-star weapon at 90 Wishes, but you only have a 50 percent chance of getting the weapon you want. If the five-star weapon you earn is not your chosen one, you earn a Fate Point. Once you earn two Fate Points, which is to say you lose the 50/50 twice in a row, your next five-star roll is guaranteed to be the weapon you want. In essence, the worst case scenario is that you need to Wish 270 times on the Weapon Banner to get the gear you want. With Wishes costing you some $2.60 a pop, you’re looking at more than $700 worth of Wishes to get a guaranteed weapon of your choosing. Sure, there’s always a chance that you get it sooner, but the odds are pretty ugly no matter how you look at it. Stay away from the Weapon Banner, especially if you’re going the free-to-play route. You’re never getting those Primogems back.

Genshin Impact entices you to log in on a daily basis to complete commission quests for a handful of free Primogems. For low spenders, these gems go a long way toward spending Wishes on limited-time Event Banners. In addition to these daily chores, developer Mihoyo introduces special events on a bi-weekly basis that award you with valuable materials, as well as bonus Primogems. So, make use that you log in often.

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Although this will require the player to have their squad around level 40-45, it's one of the first big goals that new players should set. Xiangling is usable in many great team combinations and has exceptionally high damage.

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Ranking up

Swap your Genshin Impact party members during battle to layer on the damage

Wishing for characters or weapons in Genshin Impact is always a gamble, considering you never know what you're going to get. But this is where Pity comes in: a system that basically guarantees you will get a four or a five star within a certain number of wishes.

Learn some recipes

Exploration is fun, but quests are how you unlock areas

Updated on September 3rd, 2022, by Scott Vengel: Since the release of Inazuma back in update 2.0, and the more recent release of Watatsumi and Seirai island in update 2.1, Genshin Impact has expanded considerably. As such, there are plenty of difficulties that players will face as they travel through new and old regions of the game. From tricky slopes and edges to new challenging bosses, the game continues to challenge new players looking to learn the ropes. As such, this list will be expanded to add a few additional tips so that players can have an easier time in both exploring and combat.

You don't have to chow down in Genshin Impact to survive, but the right meal at the right time can really tip the scales in your favor.

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Do not play this game if you’re prone to spending addiction

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While exploring around the map or completing some specific quest, the player will often come across multiple Anemoculi and Geoculi. It is recommended to either take them right away or place a mark so that they can be gathered afterward.

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While spending real money is the most straightforward way to get good characters and weapons, there are going to be plenty of opportunities to earn Primogems, Intertwined Fate, and Acquaint Fate throughout the game. So if you do not intend to spend real money on the game, you can still enjoy the game to a surprisingly great extent. The grinding is also not very intensive either.

There is a lot, and we really mean a lot, to explore in Genshin Impact, so don’t hesitate to try out new things. Focus on enjoying the game, and you’ll find that you will end up in a decently competitive spot anyway, even as a free-to-play player.

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