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Rules for writing your essay

1. At work. You need to check that everything is doing the job.

2. Make sure your homework is written.

3. Classify tasks according to certain principles: simple and complex, written and oral, favorite and unloved.

Never start memorizing what you write. You don't have to start with the most difficult task. Because for a very long time in difficult times something does not work out, the child feels unable to succeed, the desire to continue the work disappears. If he cannot do the work, then it is not a problem when there is a company (Bid for writing) that writes your child's essay will be written. Start lessons on your favorite topics.

4. Entering a child - a sequence of actions.

5. When performing a task related to a certain topic, adults should check for errors, or you can either check or you can help writing a paper. Ask the child to tell your heart the correct rules and definitions.

If a student is behind the lessons for a long time, the time for homework should be artificially limited, because he will increasingly make mistakes that you will have to correct, or the author of the essay can do it for you ( fact that it is longer than an hour makes it difficult maintaining the child's performance, so an extra session at the table just doesn't make sense. You must take a 10 minute break every 30-35 minutes to complete your studies. During breathing, it is recommended to actively move. It is better for a slow student to take lessons booked in two or three sets and participate in other useful activities in between.

6. Teach your child to start lessons right away and not to put things off until later. And the time to choose depending on the unique abilities of your child. The fact is that any person is not the same as everyone else, and he cannot write an essay as quickly. If the child relaxes during the fall. And at the top - you begin to successfully complete your homework. So pay attention when the day is so that the child is slower, and when it is collected.

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