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Field trip diary

A work practice diary is a kind of report on the work done in production. This report allows you to track the student's activities in practice. Here he should indicate the goals, objectives of the practice and ways to achieve results.

Often the purpose of industrial practice is the application of theoretical knowledge in practice you can write my paper. Also, students should master the profile duties that will be useful to them in the future.

In this case, the tasks for production practice will be:

  1. Study of standards in the main areas of production;

  2. Learn the functional responsibilities and get acquainted with the activities of production.

  3. Get to know the specifics of work and production in general;

  4. Complete the work assigned to the trainee.

The practice diary is a mandatory document, without which the assessment is not given.

Practice Diary Structure

The diary of an intern usually consists of several sections that must be completed. The diary must have a title page, which indicates information about the educational institution, practice, student, head of practice, city and year of passage. These are mandatory sections that are included in the practice diary give a look for examples at the Their filling should be started during the passage, so as not to miss anything.

Preparation of a report on production practice

Educational institutions use a unified form for completing an internship report, consisting of:

  • title page;

  • certificates of internship, drawn up on the letterhead of the enterprise and containing its seal, as well as the signature of the head;

  • table of contents;

  • introductory part;

  • practice calendar / diary;

  • content (main) part, consisting of 1-2 chapters on 10-15 pages. The first chapter includes a description and analysis of the production activities of the organization, its position in the domestic and foreign markets, the management system, etc. The second part is a description of the individual task performed by the student during the internship;

  • a conclusion containing suggestions and conclusions;

  • a list of used literature, documentation and regulations, as well as applications.

Introduction to the Good Practice Report

The introduction of the report on industrial practice is a part of the work, where the student must indicate the goals and objectives of the practice listed on the This also includes a description of the activities of the enterprise. The student describes the topic to be studied and how to solve production problems. What guidelines can play a role in the study and what theory is needed for a complete study of production.

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