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Gems are the Virtual Currency of Brawl Stars, with which you can buy Offers, Skins, all kinds of Boxes, Coins, Brawl Pass and Brawlers. For get free gems en brawl stars You can follow the methods explained below.



I will leave you a list of all the existing and legal methods to get free gems in brawl stars, this list is 100% Real and is the only way to get free gems.

  • Daily Reward: Every day Brawl Stars offers a Reward, be it character points, coins and even free gems, in order to unlock them you have to log in every day Brawl Stars And remember, they don't always touch Gems.

  • Trophy Path: The Trophy Path is a Way where you can get Free Gems in Brawl Stars apart from other rewards, for that you have to go up the drinks Brawlers.

  • Boxes: Formerly they could be obtained by opening boxes, currently this method does not work.

  • Season Pass: Battle Pass Brawl Stars called «Brawl pass» is a path of missions in which some can be unlocked without buying the Brawl Pass and you can unlock Free Gems in Brawl Stars.

  • Giveaways: There are Community Giveaways, whether they are YouTubers or Webs, I remind you that on this website there is a Weekly Giveaway where you can get Free Gems for brawl Stars.

  • Applications and Websites: There are Applications and Webs Affiliated with Google Play where you do surveys and install applications to receive points, these points can be exchanged for money in Google Play and thus be able to buy Gems in Brawl Stars

  • Events and Contests: The community from time to time does events to complete surveys, Draw Drawings, Cosplays (Costumes) in which by participating and winning you can receive rewards such as free gems in brawl stars.

  • Map Maker: Brawl Stars implemented the Map Creator, which you can create a map to your liking and share it, users can test it and rate it, the maps with the best scores and Winners at the end of each Rotation, will receive prizes in Free gems.

  • Surprise Gifts: Occasionally Brawl Stars send gifts for New Update, Christmas Events or others in which they can give away Skins, Aspects, Boxes, MegaBoxes, Brawlers and even free Gems in Brawl Stars, for this you have to always connect in a special event, be it Anniversary, after each update, summer and more.

How to Buy Gems at Brawl Stars

Supercell has a section in Brawl Stars called Store within the same game, in which you can buy them and it is compatible with both android and iOs so that your purchase will be available on all devices, depending on the country in which you are, the price may vary.

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