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If you just put the video online without processing it in any way, it's not pretty.

Yes, that's often the case. BUT! There are very good videos (and even series of videos) that are just shot processed using transcription online and posted on YouTube. They are very good and people like them. But you have to be a first-rate craftsman to do that. I hope you'll get there, but for now I recommend that you master at least the simplest elements of editing, at least develop a skill for using in addition, it will allow you to make mistakes and record video in pieces (I'm not even talking about the possibilities that video effects, video transitions, titles and other things that video editing software allows you to use). What to do : Choose a program and study at least one course in that program. After taking a video editing course you will be able to edit videos. At first you will not be very good at it. You will find the process of video editing easy and enjoyable, and often easier than shooting a video. Read more about this in Chapter 5. w18 Putting it off for later. If you need to shoot a short video by the end of the summer, and you put it off until August, then the end of August, then August 30-31. Then in the evening on the 31st you are looking for "what to wear," and it turns out that "all the normal things are wrinkled," and you forgot to shave. And in your head, you think, "Well, why couldn't I have prepared in advance and take a good picture?" At such moments, frustration overpowers, you give up trying to make any video, and in the future will not decide to do it soon. What to do : Figure it out in your head : is there anything stopping you from making a video right now? The excuse "I don't have time today" is not acceptable. Consider only serious reasons : no video camera, no subject to show to the experts from it is important to put subtitles on the voice from the video to promote the video also has a significant impact, etc. In your head, make a list of things you need to do to be able to shoot a video, and do all those things today or tomorrow. Remember, if you haven't made a video within 72 hours, you won't make that video anytime soon. RELATED RESOURCES: 7 Best Automated Transcription Software for 2022 (Speech to Text Tools)

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