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We've included various methods for you to win the game as an impostor or a detective crewmate; all you need to do is figure out who is killing and acting suspiciously.

An Imposter toys with the Crewmates in Among Us


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If you receive a common duty, such as 'Insert Keys' on Polus or 'Swipe Card' on Polus and Skeld, it is shared by everyone else. That also implies that if you don't have a shared task, no one else does. In other words, knowing the locations of typical chores is beneficial. Do you witness someone 'finishing' a common task that you lack? Another forgery!

Impostor Suggestions and Techniques

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Consider performing the chores that you know will take more time first, when you have the most opportunity to be among a large number of people.

If you feel you've discovered vital information on the Imposters, you can call an Emergency Meeting in Among Us. Every map includes an Emergency button, and the host can adjust the amount of Emergency Meetings every game. Remember that you may utilize this button as part of your Among Us plan to help you figure out who the Imposter is. The placement of the button changes depending on the map: on The Skeld and MIRA HQ, it is in the Cafeteria, whilst on Polus, it is in the Office.

Do not rely on others to repair a sabotage. If all of your Crewmates have the same outlook, you will undoubtedly lose the game. Of course, as the player count decreases, the risk of no one fixing the sabotage increases. If you must skip, do so early in the game. Also, bear in mind that sabotage might be used to set up traps, so attempt to travel in groups.

Among us has also been named the "most-watched" game, with over 300,000 spectators on gaming streams up to this point. These players must discover the "imposters among us," whose main goal is to murder everyone, while the other players wish to escape unharmed.

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The first trick is to stick together as a group.

Caution is advised when venting.

Standing near vents for no apparent reason

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10 Annoying Things People Do Among Us


As a crewmate, tasks are critical to win. The entire crew must either finish all of the chores before the Impostor murders everyone or vote all of the Impostors out.

Among Us provides check-in services.

Among Us hints

This is helpful because it may offer crewmates an indication of when an individual dies, allowing them to catch an imposter in a falsehood. Impostors who often use vitals may not find it useful, but if you check frequently enough, it may throw some crewmates off.

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Complete your assignments.


If you want to win the game, you need be aware that imposters can exploit the vents. The vents are linked.

There is a surveillance camera, similar to The Skeld map, that players may utilize to keep track of player movement. Polus, on the other hand, includes six alternative camera locations for players to watch instead of four. However, the disadvantage of having cameras is that players may only glance at one at a time.



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This is quite crucial. If one more murder reduces the number of Crewmates to the same as the number of Impostors, you have won the game! Simply assassinate another Crewmate as quickly as possible.

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This guideline becomes much more critical when confronted with a witness. If another player sees you near a dead body or even murder someone, you can bet they'll blame you. A defensive posture is rarely powerful, so attempt to blame them first or explain yourself before they get a chance. For example, if Pink spotted you going near to the corpse before he reported it, remark discreetly that it was not Pink, as you both had just entered the room where the body was discovered. If Pink then questions you, you've previously explained yourself and are thus more trustworthy.

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The best method is for the impostor to fabricate a tale about why they were discovered near the body. Good alibis may be that they were on their way to examine the murder site or that they were on their way to do a certain duty. For this to function, impostors will need to think quickly and be able to lie convincingly under pressure. The Impostor must also be careful not to put it on too thick, because the more vehemently someone defends themselves, the more guilty they look.

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Vents are a fantastic method to go about, especially if you've confined someone in a room, but everyone who sees you will recognize you as the Impostor. If someone watches the animation for an Imposter bursting out of a vent, it is pretty evident.

When debating who was present when a probable murder occurred, dead persons will disappear from the table, thus this may be an useful barometer to utilize.

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(261).png is a screenshot.

It's critical to undermine as an impostor in Among Us. Players should make good use of this capability. After murdering a player, they can sabotage the site by clicking on the sabotage map. This shifts the position to the other side of the killing zone. The goal here is to deflect attention away from the dead corpse and extend the time it takes to locate it. If employed correctly and at the right time, this strategy can assist an impostor in safely escaping.

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Trick 4: Typical duties

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After a body is discovered, there is typically little time to debate the Impostor, therefore try to shift the suspicion elsewhere. Don't be too blatant (for example, don't state you saw them murder when they clearly didn't), but attempt to disturb the equilibrium.

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