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Reddit is an excellent resource for obtaining Free Codes. You can discover a lot of free goods by joining the Xbox subreddit and other subreddits linked to Xbox Live and Xbox gamers.


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10. Request Xbox Live Codes as a Gift

There will be no work uniforms, no commuting, and you will be able to determine your earnings.

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A typical survey is worth 45 to 90 i-Say Points.

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Check out our FreeMyApps Review.

Because Bing is Microsoft's search engine, it gives reward points for utilizing it. So, make Bing your default search engine and utilize it as often as possible. It will give you reward points that you can exchange for Xbox Live coupons if you use it.


Screenshots and user ratings on FreeMyApps indicate profits ranging from 20 to over 300 credits per app.

2. Participate in Surveys to Earn Codes

Create a new Microsoft Account.

They also provide additional incentives, such as coupons to:

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AppNana has a unique feature in that you can gain free access to game applications that would normally cost money.

Keep in mind that you will not receive 7% cash back on all online purchases from the Microsoft Store.

Here's a list of more than 50 unused Xbox Live codes. You should use them as soon as possible, or someone else will. Once redeemed, they can no longer be used and become invalid. So, give them a shot as soon as possible.

To begin earning points, read our MyPoints review.

Enter the desired billing information and then click the next button.

There are three methods to make money:

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You may earn between 200 and 2,000 points every survey.

If you sign up using a referral code – ours is XZQBIU – you will earn 500 free Pirate Coins.

They've paid out $1.2 million.

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3. LifePoints

Users get survey invitations by e-mail, with the typical user receiving eight invites each month.



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The test is free, but it teaches you how to playtest.

Xbox Live Gold subscriptions have a 14-day free trial period in which you may play your favorite games. This trial is accessible to all Xbox Live account holders who have not yet purchased the Xbox Live Gold membership. So, if you match the conditions, you should immediately begin a free trial and begin playing the games for which you require Xbox Live tickets.

TopCashback will place a cookie in your browser to track your purchases.


Step 2: Look for Microsoft.

They are a massive corporation with over 5 million members with surveys available in 26 languages.

The amount of Nanas you get changes depending on the app you download and utilize.

If you type "Microsoft" into the search field, you'll discover that you may earn up to 7% cash back on qualifying Microsoft purchases.

Survey Junkie Registration

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What's the best part?

To be routed to the Microsoft Store Online site, click the 'Cashback Now' option.

GPT Applications are similar to GPT webpages in that they are in the form of applications. To obtain free Xbox Live codes, just install GPT applications on your smartphone and do several little activities similar to those found on GPT websites. These GPT programs will urge you to install games, apps, watch video advertising, and perform other easy chores. Here are several working GPT software that will assist you in earning Xbox Live codes and other types of gift cards.

Next Steps: Earn Per Survey Payment Method Rating

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It does not provide minor task labor, as several of the others on the list do.

Payment in cash

You can also earn credits by referring new FreeMyApps members.

Options for CashPirate Cash Out

Here's a list of ten ways to receive free Xbox codes. You'll discover how each item works and how much free money you may earn toward your Xbox gift card.

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